The Peruvian Dog: A surprise in Trujillo, Peru

In my first trip to Peru I had the chance to visit the north city of Trujillo. With near one million of inhabitants, Trujillo is what you would normally expect of a heavily populated South American city: suburbs full of inequities among its population and a vibrant colonial historical center. But besides that, Trujillo is located between what’s left of the pre-Incas Mochica and Chimú civilizations, and therefore a well-known city for its tourism attractions.

Was during my visit to one of these tourism attractions (The Huaca de la Luna) that I saw something I’m sure I will never forget. Of course, the Huaca itself, a structure of that size built with adobe bricks, is alone something really impressive, but having the opportunity to experience both beauty and ugliness in a living creature you haven’t seen before, it’s something that stays with you.

I must confess that at first sight I wasn’t sure about what that creature was. I hadn’t read or heard anything about it before that day.  It definitely looked like an ugly big rat… a really big one and it wasn’t until the guide told us that this was the “famous” Peruvian Dog that I could understand what that was.

Peruvian Dog near Huaca de la Luna
Peruvian Dog near Huaca de la Luna

For a few seconds the sight of this hairless dog surrounded by the desert, sat there under the burning sun, looking at us like the genuine owner of the place, transported me to era Mochicas and Chimús and put a big smile on my face. Being in touch with the past made of this little “ugly” dog one of the cutest I have ever seen.


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